Wanting to pass the time

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Sometimes it seems as if life is passing us by. When we are children, time ambles by, with endless car journeys and summer holidays which seem to last forever. But as adults, time seems to speed up at a frightening rate, with Christmas and birthdays arriving more quickly every year. Our experience of time is flexible, speeding up in some situations and slowing down in others. So maybe by understanding the psychological processes behind our different experiences of time, we might be able to slow things down a little.

One of these is that time seems to speed up as we get older. These two laws are caused by the same underlying factor: the relationship between our experience of time and the amount of information including perceptions, sensations and thoughts our minds process. The more information our minds take in, the slower time seems to pass. This partly explains why time passes so slowly for children and seems to speed up as we get older.

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For children, the world is a fascinating place, full of new experiences and fresh sensations. As we get older, we have fewer new experiences and the world around us becomes more and more familiar. We become desensitised to our experience, which means that we process less information, and time seems to speed up. It follows, then, that our experience of time should expand in unfamiliar surroundings, because this is where our minds process more information than normal. When you go away to a foreign country you are much more sensitive to your surroundings. Everything is unfamiliar and new, so you pay much more attention and take in much more information.

It feels like more time has passed than would have done if you had stayed at home following your normal routine. Firstly, since we know that familiarity makes time pass faster, we can slow down time by exposing ourselves to as much new experience as possible. By travelling to new places, giving ourselves new challenges, meeting new people, exposing our minds to new information, hobbies and skills, and so on. This will increase the amount of information our minds process and stretch out our experience of time passing. Mindfulness means giving our whole attention to an experience — to what we are seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling or hearing — rather than to our thoughts.

It means living through our senses and our experience rather than through our minds. Look at the sky, at the houses and buildings you pass and be aware of yourself here, travelling among them. : Why time seems to go by more quickly as we get older. Give your attention to the objects and phenomena around you and the physical sensations you are experiencing. To a Wanting to pass the time extent, we can understand and control our experience of time passing.

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Many of us try to make sure we can live for as long as possible by eating good food and exercising, which is sensible. Plymouth Contemporary — Plymouth, Devon. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Steve TaylorLeeds Beckett University. Time Mindfulness experience.

Wanting to pass the time

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