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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed May 18, I need to find a job. I have been searching but not had any luck so far. The problem is I am not fluent in French. But I need to find a job before I start at university in Toulon sex forums. I managed to get into a French University without speaking French, the professor liked me, she thinks I can do it. Anyway, any suggestions?? ed Jun 27, You don't speak French, or you don't speak it well? The teacher let you into university, that's kind of them, but how will you pass if you can't manage in French?

Did you consider taking a French class instead of taking a full-on university course? University is hard enough in one's native language. How you tried more tourist-oriented areas, like working in a hostel or hotel? ed Nov 16, There are only a couple of weeks left in August and then it will be September. Finding a job during the summer holidays is next to impossible in France - all the summer jobs were hired long ago, and most smaller businesses do shut down for some period of time during July or August. Besides, the hiring decision in France goes much more slowly than what you're used to the in the US.

In the meantime, have you had your appointment with the OFII yet?

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If not, you probably should wait for that before committing to a job or school, as the language classes they require you to do take precedence over all that - and will give you at least the basics of the French language. What sort of French university program did you get admitted to?

Normally, for a foreign student i.

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Perhaps you could ask your professor friend about that. Cheers, Bev. I speak some French, and I am learning French right now. I entered a university for a in marine biology. I already have two and a half years of marine biology studies done in the United States with really high marks. The university was really interested in what I have done with my studies and they think that I would be excellent in the program. The program requires all the students to take English classes I will take French courses instead of English. I will also have a tutor who will explain to me the lessons in English if I do not understand them in French.

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Apperently I will not be the only person in the program who cannot speak French well. I did think of enrolling into French lessons before university, but marine biology is my passion and I believe that I can do it, it will be some work, but I am up for that.

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This year they will be teaching information that I have already learned for the most part. So I will focus on learning French. I want to go to university so I can get Toulon sex forums with my life. It sounds like you're all set as far as your situation is concerned. You could try the local language schools to see if they would be interested in taking you on for English teaching.

There are also some language schools that teach executives by phone. A friend of mine did some lessons by phone we used to tease her about her "phone sex" business, but it was all very up and up, I assure you. You need to get a little creative on the work front - that will at least put you at a distinct advantage Toulon sex forums other job candidates in the area. ed Aug 12, If you don't speak very well french, try to apply at the Toulon-Hyeres airport. Airports allways need english speaking people Or else I would try any travel agencies, they might need an english speaking tourist guide.

ed Sep 26, ed Jan 30, Hi there Hi there, How is university treating you - I know this is very late considering you posted your message in May last year. I thought because you are a 'student' you might start looking for a summer job again? I'm sure you have tried but Le Mourillon is a really great area of Toulon with lots of bars and restaurants. Perhaps pop in an ask them. Also Wall Street institute and the the english institute i think it is called are always on the look out for people to teach english. I hope you don't mind me asking more about your university degree.

I am a marine scientist and i also want to improve my french more etc etc and i am living in toulon my french boyfriend. Are you at toulon university or one in marseille? I'm hoping in the future to finally work in france but i need to get my french up to a really good level. I currently travel to work outside of france. I always thought maybe going to uni in france to do a little bit more study and to do it in french would be the ultimate french language learning experience.

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