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Refworks. Open Collections. To His Honour C. February, Minister of Education: The Honourable W. Deputy Minister and Superintendent of Education: F. Fairey, B. Assistant Superintendent of Education: H. Campbell, B. Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister: R. Grant, B. English, M. Greater Victoria.

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Brown, M. B Municipal Inspectors of Schools : B. William Gray, M. Shields, B. Woodward, B. Inspectors of Schoo J. Burnett, M. Campbell, M. Carter, M. Joseph Chell, M. Clay, B. Daniels, B. Frederickson, B. Graham, B. Hyndman, B. Paed, Prince Rupert F. Jewett, B. Levirs, M. Is in School Districts: W. Lucas, B. Manning, B. Matheson, B. McArthur, B. McLellan, M. Plenderleith, M. Stafford, B.

Stibbs, B. Taylor, B. Thorsteinsson, B. Towell, M. Turnbull, M. Vancouver: A. Lord, B. Hall, B. Boyes, M. Broome, M. Grantham, M. Miss L. Bollert, B. English, B. Gilliland, B. Hammett, B. Gaddes, B. Miss M. McManus, Mus. Bac, M. Maynard, B. Ozard, B. Miss Stella Shopland, B. Miss F. Victoria: Miss M. Gordon, B. Brand, B. Miss W. Registrar: T. Assistant Registrar: H.

Evans, B. Director of Technical and Vocational Education: H. Inspector of Technical Classes: C. Strong, M. Sc, M. Inspector in Home Economics: Miss M. Sexs in Westwold, B. Director, Educational and Vocational Guidance: H. Johns, M. Director, Visual Education: J. Pollock, B.

Sexs in Westwold, British Columbia hole ready

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