Seeking for my eternity partnal

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Without each other, men and women cannot fulfill the purposes for which they were created see 1 Corinthians ; Moses President Spencer W. Kimball taught:. In true marriage there must be a union of minds as well as of hearts. The Family: A Proclamation to the World Explain that the diagram represents how we might choose an eternal companion. The top of the diagram represents the beginning of our search among our friends and acquaintances.

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The filters represent the choices we make that lead to dating, courtship, and marriage. For example, we might use filter 1, the personal qualities filter, and filter 2, the goals and values filter, to find people we are compatible with and feel comfortable dating. We might use filter 3, the shared experiences filter, as we choose a person to court more seriously. And we can seek for filter 4, inspiration to both individuals, to help us make our decision of whether to marry that person.

Explain that some of the filters may be used at more than one stage of a relationship. You may want to add a dotted arrow to the diagram to illustrate this point.

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Often, though, it is through the dating process that we learn this information. The remaining activities in this lesson examine filters 1 and 2. Have class members name character traits, and list them on the board. Include some of the following traits: kind, calm, organized, flexible, emotionally mature, happy, optimistic, confident.

Ask students to consider which of the traits listed would be most compatible with their own.

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Discuss why it is wise to find someone whose traits complement ours and who inspires us to be better—someone we can likewise complement and inspire. Discuss traits that we should develop so we will become a better eternal companion. Give students copies of the handout at the end of this manual see pp. Have each group discuss why the topics of their questions are important in preparing for a temple marriage.

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Also have them discuss what problems might arise in marriage if spouses have differing opinions on these values. Keep the discussion general and impersonal. Let them know that some differences in values can be settled by compromise.

Read and discuss the statement by President Gordon B. Ask students what they learned from this lesson. Read the statement by President Spencer W. Kimball in the doctrinal overview for this lesson p. Discuss why selecting a companion for life and eternity is one of the most important decisions of our lives. Preparing for an Eternal Marriage Teacher Manual. Compatibility in key areas is essential to a happy marriage.

Personal qualities a. Background b. Personality and character.

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Goals and values Shared experiences Inspiration to both individuals.

Seeking for my eternity partnal

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5 Ways to Find Your Eternal Companion, According to the Family Proclamation