Looking to sniff your feet and socks and shoes and more

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In other words, they smell! This common but embarrassing problem is called bromodosis and is most often caused by sweating. Together your 2 feet havesweat glands — more than in any other place in your body! Most sweat glands work to keep your skin supple and moist and also help regulate your body temperature.

But those in your feet work all the time at secreting sweat. Feet that are extra sweaty and smelly are frequently caused by poor hygiene, as in not washing regularly and not drying the feet thoroughly before putting on shoes. Sweat soaks into the shoe material and will cause odors if they are worn again before drying completely.

Some men and women suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition where they sweat more than usual in the soles of the feet, the palms and the underarm areas. Hormonal changes can also cause sweaty feet. Pregnant women and teenagers may notice more odor because of these changes. Try a foot soak in black tea or vinegar — these are inexpensive and natural ways to combat foot odor. Inspect your feet carefully.

This problem can cause foot odor.

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If you believe you have any symptoms, please come visit Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM for professional, effective treatment of this foot fungus. Alexopoulosboard certified podiatrist can accurately diagnose your foot odor problem and begin effective treatments.

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Please call our Chicago office at or request an appointment via the website. Barbecues, beach trips, sporting events, and other activities will be a welcome relief. Do you know your feet are also vulnerable? Skin cancer of the foot can be just as serious as anywhere else on the body.

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If you're still struggling to figure out what to get Dad for Father's Day, give him something that will keep him feeling great from head to toe. So many local families are heading outside to enjoy hiking, running, and team sports. Unfortunately, that increase in activity can also include an increase in foot and ankle injury and illness.

Doctors and patients from coast to coast are taking advantage of the opportunity to pause and check-in with each other. You Might Also Enjoy

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Why Do Feet Stink?