Ladies i am very generous

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In every income group except for Q2, women give more than men.

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Generosity also increases with income, and more women are employed now, and therefore earning their own income, than ever before. Only the most ridiculously strident feminists regard this as a problem. When prompted, Mesch is willing to indulge in a bit of speculation:. So what difference does any of this make, except the sheer giggle value of demonstrating female superiority to the male of the species?

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Mesch is the Queen of Tact on the subject:. Women give for different reasons, give differently, are much more egalitarian in their approach. Men have been taught to be much more competitive, and to communicate status.

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Men are strategic and women want to be equalizers. You need to involve and engage them, because if you feel involved as a woman, you contribute not only your money but your time. That achieving equal pay is essential not just to women but to the charities we support so, a little help here, guys? That female-headed households can be a resource to be tapped and not just a problem to be solved. What makes this more than a parlor game is the extent to which it reveals the role of empathy in giving.

Women are less likely to imagine that having been born on third base means we hit a triple; and the feminist mantra that every woman is one divorce away from welfare makes most of us acutely aware that there but for the grace of God go I. Part II of the study, scheduled to be released in December or January, will address gender differences in the kind of charities supported: secular or religious?

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Large or small? Says Mesch. We find women seem to give more to the social service areas, to helping the needy. Plus women seem to spread their giving out [among multiple charities] and men are much more strategic.

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It would be wonderful if philanthropy is just philanthropy, and we understand that women have caught up in terms of their income and education and wealth. We can really change the world——women are at the tipping point. stories by Kelly Kleiman.

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X SSIR. I Agree.

Ladies i am very generous

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