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After waking up in the caravan park we looked for somewhere to have breakfast. Being in such a small town our expectations were low however, we were very pleasantly surprised. But it is so much more than fish and chips as this is quality seafood cooked expertly. The business has a regular trade of people from Sydney who have discovered this hidden gem who drive the two hours it takes to get there to have lunch, then turn around and head back to Sydney.

However, having accidentally found this very unassuming cafe, she now brings her family down to Greenwell Point where they stay for two nights in the motel across the road, and celebrate her birthday with a seafood lunch at the cafe.

The weekend away with accommodation and lunch ends up costing less than having lunch in the iconic seafood restaurant in Sydney. We sat in the newly extended outdoor courtyard of the cafe that is pet friendly. Breakfast is available until noon and the menu has everything you would expect.

Service is speedy and all the portions, generous. The little guy started with an iced chocolate that when presented, reminded me of a step-back in time; like a nostalgic touch from a retro milk bar. I had a hot chocolate that was so good I was thinking how wonderful it is when you come across a place that far outweighs your expectations. Alfie ordered the Belgian waffles with mixed berries, maple syrup and ice cream however, with eyes bigger than his stomach and a strong urge for a sugar fix, he asked for chocolate topping as well.

It arrived piled up to the sky with plenty of ice cream and topping and a bowl of berries and cream.

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I ordered the Eggs Benedict with bacon. It was well presented, the poached eggs were runny and there was plenty of hollandaise sauce.

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The amount of bacon was also overly generous and was shared around the table with little Rosie also enjoying a bacon breakfast as well. Drew ordered the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. He complimented the owner on what a wonderful breakfast it was and what a delightful surprise it was to find such a great cafe in such a tiny, off-the-map town.

Next thing the owner brought to the table a complimentary plate of his very famous crumbed calamari. It is very well known for being extremely tender and the owner said that is because he employs girls from the local high school to come to the cafe after school where, with their Greenwell Point girl but not italian lol, they peel the transparent outer layer from the calamari. Drew and Alfie tried the calamari that was dipped in a homemade aioli and wedges of lemon.

They both agreed it was the best and most tender calamari they had ever eaten. Pelican Rocks Cafe is a classic small-town Aussie cafe that serves food at a standard over and above its humble setting. Service is friendly, servings are generous and the prices very reasonable.

The cafe is also d with a limited range of beers and wines on offer. Those eggs Benny looked delicious. So many great dishes … love the calamari but the eggs benny with bacon or smoked salmon are tempting too. And the waffles. So fun to find little gems like this especially when your expectations were quite low to start. Those eggs bene both look so delicious! I love it when you find an unexpected jam!! I think those breakfasts look incredibly tasty and certain generously portioned!

How nice that you How lovely that it came as such a surprise, Charlie. I love seeing a family relax together and enjoy new surroundings. I often go into places with low expectations, and am then pleasantly surprised. What a glorious find!!! Great review of what sounds like an all-around outstanding place.

Great food and great service are what diners seek. And you got both. How clever to employ the local high school girls and make good use of their long fingernails! What a great discovery and like you say, a wonderful surprise. What a pleasant, lovely surprise. And the presentation! I just looooooooove the details! You hit the jack pot. Pelican Rocks Cafe sure sounds like a gem, hope you have the opportunity to experience the seafood lunch soon. What a lovely surprise! I love that they gave you a little sample of their seafood.

So sweet! Discovering places like this is what travelling is all about. I just love stumbling on an unassuming place that turns out to be spectacular. Oh so glad there was something nice about your stay here Charlie and i am glad it was food. So good to be pleasantly surprised. Well good food anyway. Calamari rings made from fresh calamari is a rare treat indeed! So glad it turned out to be this! I am so glad that you had a wonderful time and wishing you many many more! Sounds like a great find! Why not? I eat breakfast for dinner all the time. No reason not to have dinner for breakfast.

That is great to find such a gem in a small town. You have eaten a lot! I love to find little restaurants like that that will surprise you with their friendliness and wonderful food. What a treat! What fun food! Down home casual, with love eggs Benedict, a personal favorite. But all of that seafood beckons. Sandwich board outside the cafe. New outdoor dining area. Cafe dining area. Hot chocolate.

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Calamari with aioli. The public swimming pool is directly across the road. Outdoor dining. Takeaway section. Comments Amanda lambsearshoney says:. June 11, at am. Lauren Living the Savory Life says:. Elizabeth Connolly says:.

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Debra says:. June 11, at pm. Liz says:. Minnesota Prairie Roots says:. Juliet says:. June 12, at am.

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Hi Charlie, sounds like a wonderful place, love surprises like this. Johanna Green Gourmet Giraffe says:. June 12, at pm. Kari bite-sized thoughts says:. My Inner Chick says:. June 13, at am. I love finding surprising places like this! Sounds like a delicious breakfast. Norma Chang says:. Tammy says:. Lorraine Not Quite Nigella says:. Nancy Plus Ate Six says:. June 13, at pm. Mandy says:.

Greenwell Point girl but not italian lol

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