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The Common Octopus The common octopus is a master in disguise. When looking to ambush or to hide, it changes its color instantaneously and thus becomes one with the background. When really threatened he will eject a cloud of ink allowing it enough time to seek shelter. How to recognize a common octopus?

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Scuba Diving […]. Big schools of Bastard Grunt or Roncadores Jump from the boat, dive into the blue and see the large groups of silver-yellow fish, sometimes a couple of 1. You cannot deny, the s are their strength, definitely with groups of barracuda hanging above.

How to recognize a Bastard Grunt? Scuba […]. The remarkable camouflage from the cuttlefish With its rugby-ball shaped body and a set of arms sticking out on one site it is a somewhat strange appearance. Once it starts changing its colour and its pattern the image is complete. Spotting a Cuttlefish is a unique experience. How to recognize a cuttlefish? Scuba Diving The […]. Never disturb an angelshark. The angelshark is an expert to hide in the sand during the day. Only an experienced eye will spot it. On night dives, when hunting, you take a humble distance to this gracious creature.

How to recognize an angelshark? Why would I need a scuba refresh? Everybody has experienced it. You are on a diving excursion and one of your fellow divers is not at the level expected. It typically starts with the preparation of the dive kit. It takes ages to get prepared and requires the full attention of the dive centre staff.

Shy but gracious, meet the common eagle ray The gracious appearance of the common eagle ray always has an amazing effect on divers. Slowly appearing out of the blue, elegantly gliding through the water and disappearing in the open ocean, it always leaves you with a humble feeling.

How to recognize a common eagle ray? Spinning around a marbled electric ray Thanks to Gran hook up Rugby round shape, the marbled electric ray, also known as the Torpedo ray, is easy to recognise, although sometimes hard to spot. As a predator it is often hiding under the sand, just its eyes visible, waiting to ambush pray with an electric shock. Luckily the round […]. The common stingray, the boss of the sea The solitary common stingray can be scary when sighted. Some of the older animals are enormous and can appear out of nowhere. Gran hook up Rugby to recognize a common stingray?

Be surprised by the spiny butterfly ray A passing butterfly ray, with a span of sometimes more than 2 m, does not stay unnoticed. You do admire the apparently effortless movements that make it glide beautifully through the water.

It is just spectacular! How to recognize a spiny butterfly ray? Scuba Diving The spiny butterfly […]. The Round fantail stingray looks like dancing The gracious hovering of this bottom dwelling ray is a great seeing. Their moves are harmonious and seem effortless, like performing in an underwater ballet. Sometimes they are solitary, but commonly you will see them with multiple species together. How to recognize a round fantail stingray?

Encounter with a Painted comber in Gran Canaria The painted comber is not very shy so you can get quite close to it. How to recognize a painted comber? The Canary Damsel fish is a small but aggressive little thing. On every dive you will find them, the little black devils that think they can attack the giants.

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How to recognize […]. Spotting the trumpetfish in Gran Canaria Easy to recognise, often hanging in the water head down, long body, you will meet the Atlantic trumpetfish at any dive site in the south of Gran Canaria. How to recognize a trumpetfish?

Gran Canaria, the round island Gran Canaria, located in the centre of the Canarian archipelago — also called the round island because of its circular shape — is 47 km across and covers an area of 1, sq km. Its highest peak, Pozo de Las Nieves 1,m above sea levelis situated right in Gran hook up Rugby […]. Discover the 4 most spotted Moray Eels in the Canary Islands About different species of Moray eels exist worldwide.

Of these 4 different species are to be found when diving in the south of the Canary Islands. Why do you want a job in a dive center? Before entering into details and tips on how to apply for a job, think about why you want to apply for it. For the newbies in the industry, just became a Dive Master or recently went through the instructor certification process, applying for a first job […]. Equalizing your ears is one of the first skills that new divers learn and that we practice on every single dive. While building up dives, equalization becomes almost instinctive for many divers.

For some divers equalizing remains difficult, frustrating and even painful. The buddy system As recreational divers we learned it is advised to always dive with a buddy. Diving with a buddy makes diving more fun, safer and is in some countries even a legal requirement. The idea behind it is based on the fact that with two it is easier and less stressful to manage […]. In the winter, around Christmas, they come close to shore to give birth to their offspring. The shark babies need shallow and protected waters.

That is why we only see […]. In the recent months we see an increasing amount of marine life suffering […]. People think that diving and getting a diving costs a lot of money….

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After all, what is the difference? You take it once and then it is valid for the rest of your life all over the […]. Thanks to a great article in SnorkelyBuceo.

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Your life changes when you start scuba diving After competing your scuba diving training and subsequently preparing for your first dive, there is a sense of nervousness and excitement. The […]. Work as a diver as an adventure Most people are convinced that becoming a dive instructor and work in the industry is only about the adventure in your life, working in exotic destinations and earning lots of money. Well, the truth is a bit different. Talk to dive instructors and dive masters, both experienced and […]. Anybody wonders why this first experience changed their lives?

Most divers I talked to explained Gran hook up Rugby DSD was a great experience. Thanks to the dive centre and dive instructor, passing their passion for diving, a new diver was born. Thanks to a great article in snorkelenduiken. With an amazing team we provide a wide range of courses and recreational diving. Come visit us, view prices or get the latest news via our blog. The common octopus grows to 25 cm in mantle length with arms up to 1 m long. It lives for a couple of years and may weigh up to 10 kgs. The common octopus hunts at dusk. Crabs, crayfish, and bivalve molluscs two-shelled, such as cockles are preferred, although the octopus eats almost anything Gran hook up Rugby can catch.

It is able to change colour to blend in with its surroundings, and is able to jump upon any unwary prey that strays across its path. Using its beak, it is able to break into the shells of shelled molluscs. During daytime, the octopus typically seeks shelter where a minimal amount of its body is presented to the external water. Note that the common octopus breaths trough its skin, so hiding poses a problem. When it does move, most of the time it is along the ocean or sea floor the underside of the octopus is obscured.

This crawling increases metabolic demands greatly, requiring they increase their oxygen intake by roughly 2. Scuba Diving During daylight diving you will need to look in cracks and hiding places to find the octopuses. You would be surprised how they succeed getting in the smallest holes when hiding. When you find a "nest" build with small stones, shells or any object you can find on the bottom, be aware that you are looking at a self-made hiding place of an octopus.

Besides being masters on hiding through changes in their skin colour, they are great architects in building underwater shelters. At night the story completely changes. During night dives you will find the octopus out in the open hunting or enjoying its catch.

The common octopus reproduction When mating, the male octopus holds on to the female to inject its sperm. The male dies after mating. The female yields het eggs in long white strings which she hides in a shelter. Until the eggs hatch, the female protects her eggs and hardly taking any food.

Once the larvae hatch after 3 to 6 weeks, the female dies. Nice to know The common octopus breaths through its skin and has three hearts. Its temperature is typically identical to that of the water. Training experiments have shown the common octopus can distinguish the brightness, size, shape, and horizontal or vertical orientation of objects. They are intelligent enough to learn how to unscrew a jar and are known to raid lobster traps.

We want to respond to this by creating a of articles where each highlights a specific species we regularly encounter when diving in the Atlantic. The complete series gives you a good idea of what to find when scuba diving in the blue waters of the south of Gran Canaria. For the full details of the species we would like to refer to www. Here you'll find more detail than we go into.

Beautiful Dive Sites in Gran Canaria. You know you're in good company when you're diving with Scuba Sur! Turismo Activo: TA Divers and Ears: a question of equalizing Where is my buddy? What you need to know about Angel Sharks. Being hooked up…. How to turn a DSD into a unique dive experience? The Netherlands is discovering scuba diving and snorkeling in Gran Canaria Certificate of Excellence Scuba Sur - Gran Canaria.

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