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Diaz's son, Christian, was born a girl but identifies as a boy. Ott's daughter, Cee Cee, was born a boy but identifies as a girl. Rodarte's daughter, Izzy, was born a boy but identifies as a girl. Anything you could possibly think to ask," said Ott, speaking for her family. RGJ : Welcome everyone. We're about to start the live chat. Feel free to start sending in your questions. Comment From Kelly : what have your children experienced to be most helpful so far through their process of transition?

Courtney : The love and support of family and friends has been most helpful so far. The resources in the community and the advice from others who have experienced the same issues also. Comment From Mark: How seriously does the school take bullying of transgender students?

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Do they really feel safe reporting problems, especially since teachers are often not understanding? Courtney : At age 6 we haven't had this issue too much yet. I'm hoping that with awareness we can help people understand these are just kids Elvira : I feel it's very serious, the school can save the life of the kids because now they have the tools to help them.

Comment From Guest: I just want to let you know how much I honor you! How can we as a community support you and make this a safe place for your children to thrive? Courtney : By teaching your children to treat everyone with respect and to celebrate diversity. Together we can make a change!

Elvira : Could you please share your knowledge with everyone, that way this will eventually be a non-issue. Shanna : The more you can spread the word and get a better understanding, the less scared the public will be. Comment From Suzanne: Are schools allowing children to use restrooms of the sex they identify with?

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Courtney : Yes, the district has a policy in place that allows children to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams that aligns with the child's gender identity. ly, my daughter was using a storage room that had a bathroom in the back. We are making progress. Comment From TheCenterLV: For those of us who may not yet be familiar with your stories, can you please each give us a quick rundown of your child's age now and at what age they came out as transgender?

Courtney : My daughter is 6 and we had ideas that she was different from other boys at age 3. It was around age 5 that she stated "I am a girl".

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Elvira : My son is 10 year old and at 4 year old he told me he is a Boy he is been a Boy for Friends maybe more 18 reno 18 years I almost forget how he looks in the other gender. Comment From Camille: Thank you all for sharing your stories so bravely. As a mom, I applaud your standing up to publically for your. Have you heard from other people about the articles, positive or negative? Elvira : I got e-mails, Facebook comments, phone calls, text all positive I am very Happy even some from Mexico.

Courtney : So far all the reactions I have had have been positive. This is my child and I will do whatever it takes to make sure she is not a statistic. Any parent would do the same I would hope. Comment From Sara: To the parents with children keeping their transgender identity a secret until now, were you scared that this sort of "publicity" could make things worse for them in school afterward? Courtney : There is a fear everyday of someone finding out and hurting my.

But, my child is happier than I have ever seen so I don't doubt that I am doing the right thing. We transitioned in the middle of first grade and the response has been mostly positive. We are not hiding anything, but still trying to protect privacy as much as possible. Elvira : I am more scare of not educating the community and be secret we are just private and open to educate.

Yes I am scare for some reaction but I am brave and ready to talk with anyone Thanks. Comment From JK: Has your children's decision to take on a new gender changed Friends maybe more 18 reno 18 you think about your own gender roles? Courtney : Yes, I never realized how much gender plays a role in everything! Toys, clothes, colors, everything. When you let go of the ideas that something is for boys and something is for girls you open up a whole new world for kids to explore, learn and have fun.

I thought I was doing this with my kids, but learned we can always do more. Elvira : His Gender is his Gender my is mine we are two different human beings I am cisgender he is transgender is that simple thanks for your question. Comment From Alexis: Have other parents complained behind your back to school administration thinking this has to do with "sexual" identity? Parents in our kindergarten are furious with the principal for reading "I Am Jazz" to the class.

Courtney : I think so, but don't really know. I know a parent has complained about a boy in the girl's bathroom. I was also not allowed to bring, or have the book "I am Jazz" read to the class without getting ed permission slips from all the parents. I think people's reactions are mostly fear based. Fear of the unknown.

We can change that and help people learn. Elvira : More parents that I know I got isolate from any parent friends when Christian was in Kindergarten we just need to educated them. Comment From Guest: I have heard that there is language in a new sex education bill that if passed will restrict children to the restrooms on their birth certificate.

Is this true? If so, who do we call to put a stop to it? Courtney : Please contact your local legislator. I really don't think that it will go through. Again people are scared and if we can educate them I am hoping that will make a difference. Elvira : It is true AB is trying to do that but we need to go and testify in front of legislature when the time comes, but right now you can call bill sponsors Scott Hammond or Dooling.

Comment From Kelly: what resources do you think Reno could use more of to support transgender youth? Courtney : We need more medical resources in Reno. We don't currently have the doctors here that can treat trans. San Francisco is the closest city. Shanna : What we need desperately is a local Pediatrician for our Transgender youth. There is now one here locally and the drive is a bit rough. Comment From Matt: Are your children's classmates more accepting or less accepting than you had anticipated?

Shanna : Mine had 2 friends that have just told her how much the support her! It was Awesome! Courtney : Honestly my kid's class has been the same. They have known my daughter from kindergarten and other than her name and pronouns nothing has changed. She is still the same kid and at age 6 that's all they care about. Comment From Sara: What is your opinion of bullying in local schools overall?

Has it been worse for your children because they're transgender? Is there a lot happening across the board? Elvira : When you have a transgender child is a reason for some people to do bullying that is the reason that education it is very important the more open and educate people are the less bullying is going to be happen.

Courtney : We have been lucky so far as well. But then my daughter is only 6. At 6 most kids just want to know if you like the same toys as them and if so then you are cool and they want to play with you. Comment From Alexis: I'm very proud of you parents speaking up.

Thank you. Does your child see anything "abnormal" or different about them? Or are they blissfully unaware of people's judgment around them?

Friends maybe more 18 reno 18

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