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Click through lingerie retailer Yandy. Some women worry about what messages sexualizing Halloween sends; some think it's lazy costuming, while others embrace it. In recent years, her homemade costumes have included a gender-bending Jack Sparrow, one of the three blind mice and a sneering "scary doll.

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Hibbard's doll elicited the best reactions in downtown Fargo, and she says a look of fear is more satisfying than one of approval. Emily Wicktor, who calls herself a sex-positive feminist, supports women owning and expressing their sexuality, whether it's on Halloween or any other day of year. But, the assistant professor in North Dakota State University's English department calls tacking on sexuality to a costume idea "intellectually lazy and creatively uninteresting.

She's not saying a woman or any adult shouldn't dress sexy for Halloween, but that it's a missed opportunity for "clever expression and true costuming. Even Sabrina Horning, who strips down to pasties with Bad Weather Burlesque, isn't a big fan of the super-sexy Halloween costumes.

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The prepackaged costumes are too short for the long-torsoed "Alabaster Disaster," as the year-old Fargo woman is known onstage, so she usually puts her own costumes together, borrowing from her arsenal of steel-boned corsets. But Hornung appreciates the silliness of sexy-ween. And she says if women have the confidence to rock an off-the-shelf sexy bumblebee costume, go for it.

Alison Graham Bertolini, Wicktor's colleague at North Dakota State University, doesn't see the harm in wearing sexy costumes, either, as long as the women wearing them are adults and have some awareness of their social context. Graham Bertolini, an assistant professor in both the English and women and gender studies departments, says Halloween allows women to be whatever they want for a night and to explore their fun side.

According to the latest Google Shopping data, Cyrus is the No. Although Graham Bertolini has her own thoughts on the raunchy pop star's recent behavior, she says if women want to dress like her for Halloween, fine, but intent matters.

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Cuzner's other big sellers for women this year are sexy superheroes, separates in lace and neon, and military themes think "sailor girl". Hornung, of Bad Weather Burlesque, says sexy women's versions of uniforms worn traditionally by men in positions of authority police officers, firefighters go back to the pinup days, when they were used for morale, fetish and satire.

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At the other end of the spectrum, Hornung points out the hyper-femininity of frilly-flirty Little Bo Peeps and sexy Disney princesses. Google Shopping released data last week of the top 10 most-searched Halloween costumes this year. They are:. Trending Articles. Business Briefs. Northland Outdoors. Lifestyle Rethinking sexy-ween: Some women choose not to the scantily-clad crowd FARGO -- Spend Halloween weekend in downtown Fargo and you'll lose count of the sexy nurses, come-hither cops and provocative cats. And it's not just the old costume standbys. It seems anything can skew sexy.

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Spirit Halloween in south Fargo, N. A popular costume among women and children is the monster line of costumes at Spirit Halloween in Fargo, N. Suggested Articles. Businesses To Follow.

Emerado ND sexy women

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