Don t be lonely bay

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Camping Grounds. All Camping. Top Ranked Walks. Get off the highway and onto the grass with good old-fashioned 4wheelin' fun. Bungy Jump Find a beautiful place. Build a very tall structure with an elastic cord attached to the top. Fix cord to body, and leap. Canyoning is a mix of land and water travel, descending picturesque canyons on foot or rear endropes and swimming. Born by adrenalin-seekers, the growth in popularity of Canyoning in New Zealand means gentler trips are increasingly available. Don overalls and gumboots for a day underground, up and down ropes navigating the maze of tunnels - or go glowworm spotting and enjoy the serenity.

Put pedal to the metal cycling the length and breadth of New Zealand, or blow your hair back with a helmet on navigating NZ's many purpose built Mountain Biking trails. Galloping down an isolated beach on a trusty steed, sand flying, the salt air whipping in your hair Fun, crazy and unusual - these activities refuse to be put in a box. If you're looking for something a bit different, you'll find it here. Railbiking is cycling on unused and forgotten railways. A railbike is either a bicycle that has been modified to be able to ride on the rails of a railroad or a purpose-built specialized railbike or railcart.

Sphereing also known as globe-riding, zorbing or orbing is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb made of transparent plastic. Walking and trekking the tracks throughout New Zealand is top of the to-do list for many travellers to New Zealand. From gentle, scenic short walks to multi-day adventures, experience Aotearoa on foot and immerse yourself in the bush, beach and wilderness you came to see. With over 15,km of coastline to enjoy, New Zealand is naturally quite fond of boats… Boat cruises are a great way to explore NZ's rivers, lakes, beaches and fjords, offering a different perspective on both our landscape and wildlife.

Get deep - explore life beneath the surface with diving, scuba or snorkelling. From the sub-tropical waters of the North Island to the clear, cool waters of the deep South, divers of all abilities can Don t be lonely bay up close and personal with New Zealand's wrecks, colourful seascape and fish. Epic river journeys, gentle lake paddles and inland excursions, exploring New Zealand's interior by waterway gives you a fresh perspective on the landscape.

The need for speed is alive and well! Get up close and personal - at pace - with New Zealand rivers and lakes from the confines of a speedy little boat. Thrills, spins and scenery, jet boating is an adrenaline rush appropriate for young, old and everyone in between. Every person who works at an i-SITE is a local travel expert for their home town. They will help you to find quality activities, attractions, accommodation, transport and more.

This ensures you will experience the latest and greatest the town has to offer whatever you are after! Local visitor centres often work on a casual basis. Opening hours vary, and you can't always rely on them being open, but if they are you'll have access to very localised information. Stargazing is accessible astronomy. The natural world includes the universe - we only need look up at the sky to see these natural wonders.

All the camping conveniences can be found here. Expect powered sites, hot showers, serviced facilities and often much more. Camping with just the bare essentials in some of the most beautiful locations across NZ. Expect a non flush toilet that's intermittently serviced. Anything more is a bonus. Travelling New Zealand by rental Campervan and Motorhome gives you freedom. Stay by nature, by the beach or use the full facilities provided by hundreds of Holiday Parks and campgrounds.

New Zealand travel is at its best with your own set of wheels. Rental cars give you flexibility to travel at your own pace and deviate off the beaten path. A shuttle bus offers short haul bus services that run multiple times a day, often to an activity or attraction. The wairua spirit is strong in this one. Two seas clash on the outer rim while giant forest guardians look over within. There is no other city in NZ with such an array of close natural wonders. Sometimes hidden behind poor urban de, a small effort yields great rewards.

Go underground to find the gold, when you get out there, let it hang out there, use your tea towel as a loin cloth and drink herbal tea. Can you handle th' Mandel? Gets up before anyone else. A birthplace of the new. Off the track, hongi a local, share a brew. Kia Kaha! The Naki is quite the surprise package. Talk with the colloquial locals and unlock a Jack-in-the-Box of the unexpected. Raw and real. The Whanganui river is a major artery that has fed culture and change, shaping Aotearoa.

Seriously cool that rules with political tools. There's no better place in Aotearoa to get your city fix. After slinking through the sounds and sipping on some Savs, keep the sounds down 'cos the spy base is in town. This region is like a hippy with flash shoes. Drunk on sunshine. Then relive the 70's and head down the one way street called Golden Bay, it won't let you down.

A diamond in the rough. Lots on offer here, straight ro make for easy driving but Don t be lonely bay zig zag approach is rewarded. Good place to get lost in. Watch out for local one eyed rugby fanatics. Get out your incense and get remote. Like a great road trip movie, wind down the windows, put on your favourite tunes and prepare yourself for a sensory intake of freedom.

The outdoor fitness capital of NZ. You get the feeling every local is capable of giving you 10 one-handed push ups, while holding a coffee in the other. All ro from here lead to goodness. An oddity that works. The Scots did their best to tame the beast but wildlife still prevails. Get a hip flask Don t be lonely bay whisky, a kilt and stride the coast with purpose. Meditative Milford - Get yourself in a zen state as this place is intense.

Once the tour buses depart by 4pm, the locals are in their element including sandflies. Find yourself in a quiet space and do what you need to do to take it all in. A true blue, quirky mix of heartland and bogan, add a dash of the gay in Gore and gregarious local penguins on lonely beaches. Create your permanent and unique public username. No spaces permitted. A username is a name that uniquely identifies you on the Rankers website.

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There are two ways of getting here you can either walk in from flaxmill bay or park your car in the car park for an easy 10min walk down to the beach. This bay got its name as its not uncommon to be the only person there For this reason it has also become a popular spot for a bit of nude sunbathing. Considering the track's terrain, safety, facilities - how hard is this walk to complete? What type of category does this walking track fall into as defined by the NZ Department of Conservation? Easy walking for up to an hour.

Track is well formed, with an even surface. Few or no steps or slopes. Suitable for people of all abilities and fitness. Stream and river crossings are bridged. Walking shoes required. This track is managed by the Department of Conservation.

DOC is a New Zealand government organisation. Can you contribute? If you've experienced Lonely Bay Walk then please and write a review.

Don t be lonely bay

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Hidden New Zealand North Island Beaches – Lonely Bay